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Benalla Street Art Walking Tour Benalla Street Art Walking Tour

Please note due to the Covid Pandemic there are no tours

This walking tour takes you through the streets and laneways of Benalla; home to regional Victoria's stunning street art and the annual Wall to Wall Festival. From Guido van Helten, Adnate, Rone, DVATE, Sirum, Kaff-eine and many more you'll be left with a lasting impression of these truly significant 'works of art'. One piece, by Adnate, has been voted 8th best in the world, we'll see it in all its glory towering over 3 stories high overlooking Benalla's main street.

This tour will give you an insight into the world of international street art, the artists who created the artworks and the stories behind the art.

Note the image, left, was painted by Smug in 2017 and was replaced by a new work in 2018.

We also offer tours of the Benalla Region Silo Art.