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About Benalla Street Art

We are Benalla Street Art, a small group of like-minded art loving locals from Benalla, a small rural city of 14,000 located 2 hours north of Melbourne on the Broken River in the High Country of NE Victoria.

We came together in 2015 with a vision and belief that we could bring Street Artists from around the world to paint murals on bare walls, some over 3 stories high, over a weekend in March 2015. Victoria's first Regional Urban Contemporary Street Art Festival called Wall to Wall was born. The event was funded through canvassing local residents and local business who donated over $20,000. The generosity and vision of the locals paid off.

The weekend saw thousands of locals and 'out-of-towners' tour the various murals to watch the artwork appear in front of their eyes. The excitement, the buzz, the interest and the spirit of it all was tangible. The results are truly amazing and speak for themselves. 14 high quality colourful murals created by world reknowned street artists adorn once featureless walls. In November 2015 a piece by Adnate, was voted 8th best in the world earning international acclaim!

The Benalla Street Art Festival is an annual event that seals Benalla as the Street Art Capital of Australia.

The Festival has now transitioned and is being run under the local council, who, with a new Artistic Director present the 2024 festival between 21-28 March

You can visit the council website for the festival here.